keeps pools brighter, longer, and easier than sand

Learning to Swim

Zeobrite® turns any sand filter into a super filter. Using an all-natural zeolite mineral, Zeobrite® provides many valuble advantages over ordinary sand.

  • Provides Superior Water Clarity

  • Lowers Total Operating Cost

  • Cuts Backwashing up to 50%

  • Reduces Chloramines, Odor and Eye Burning

  • Filters Particles Down to 3 Microns

  • Environmentally Safe, All Natural

  • No other products need to be added to make it work

  • No messy powders to deal with


Best of all, Zeobrite® lasts twice as long as sand. And when it’s finally time for replacement, all natural Zeobrite® can be mixed into your garden soil, planter boxes or spread over your lawn as a natural soil enhancer.